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The Wandering Coconut

Hello and welcome to the Healthy Happy Traveler. Medical Information UK We are Mike and Catrell Cooney (world travelers, travel agents, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and health enthusiasts). We encourage you to browse our site, read our blogs and try some or all of the recipes. Also, check out our sister website for information about our travel agency and to learn about our around the world trek with our three teenage sons.

I love to travel! In fact, there is nothing I enjoy more, especially internationally. I have traveled to nearly 50 countries and about half as many States. The around the world trek Catrell, Morgan, Zach, Harrison and I embarked on in 2008 was enlightening in so many ways. Especially when it came to the eating habits of our fellow global-citizens, and how other countries deal with healthcare. We learned so much that the experience inspired Catrell and me to start a website devoted to sharing what we observed and experienced during our 61,000 mile odyssey.

My love of travel began when my family hosted a German exchange student while I was in high school. After visiting our exchange student in Germany, I was hooked on travel. In fact, after high school I became a Certified Travel Agent, and wanted to help others see the world even if I could not at the time. Since my first trip to Germany, I have visited more than 30 countries and nearly half our States. l also have developed a passion for optimum health. As proof of my passion for living a healthy lifestyle, I am pursuing a degree in Holistic Health in order to expand my knowledge and help educate others as well.

What we believe

Optimum health cannot come from a pill, surgery, or fad diet
Food should be enjoyed, not feared
Look at nutritional claims from the true source to see if the information presented is biased. If something sounds too good to be true — it usually is
No single food is the the cure-all for optimum health
Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily
Get back to the basics by eating foods as close to their natural state as possible
Avoid processed foods and eat mainly a whole food plant-based diet
Travel and staying healthy can go hand-on-hand
Affordable quality healthcare can be found outside of the United States
Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with current, reliable and accurate information that will help make your travel experience healthy, happy and enjoyable.

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