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Video Marketing Notify Me When New Comments Are Added YouTube Ninja Marketing

Video MarketingYouTube is as popular as Facebook or Twitter, and people log on to their website almost everyday. It is one of the best ways to market your product, talk to random people service or company because first of all, it is free. And second, it is the best way to show off your product or service because of the freedom that displaying videos provides. So how do you maximize YouTube as a marketing tool? Here are a few tips. Each YouTube account is given a profile page. Here you can add a profile photo and enter short information about your company, product or service. Make sure that your profile photo is interesting, be it your company logo, a product shot or a photo that you have used in a current and existing print ad. Make your “about you” info complete yet succinct. Add “friends” to your YouTube account by informing your existing customers on your email or SMS database of you newly created YouTube account. That way, they can subscribe to your video updates, wherein they will be notified via e-mail of every new video that you post. In line with this, it is important to make your videos short yet informative. Do not make them look like TV commercials. The best way to promote your product is via videos of testimonials or getting footage showing people actually using your product or service and getting good results with it. Do not make the videos look to canned, or people will get turned off.

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